Hilary Swank and Salma Hayek on relationships

Facing the truth

Hilary SwankHilary Swank, commenting about being single again (in 2006), said she is “the happiest I’ve ever been.. not because I’m getting a divorce, because I’m living in truth now.

“My happiness has stemmed from being brutally honest with myself, facing the truth every single day, no matter how hard it is.

“It’s not happiness like I got the Christmas present I wanted. It’s that I’ve grown up; I’ve become a woman.

“I’ve spent a lot of my life running from my feelings. I’m not running from the truth now…

Living in truth

“I really want to get to know me. I’ve never really had that time; I went from living with my mom to living with Chad. Of course I have moments of feeling, I’m really lonely now. But I don’t want to fill that loneliness with something or someone.

“Living in truth finally is liberating. It makes me feel really connected to myself, really grounded. There’s a depth of happiness now, because of the honesty I have chosen to live by.” [Vanity Fair, Aug 2006.]

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Salma Hayek once commented about the danger of losing yourself in a relationship, “We always think that you have to stand by your man, but women who do that usually end up sacrificing everything about themselves. Frida Kahlo stood by her man all the way, but she never stopped being who she was.”

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