Kate Bosworth: gifted talented…eating disordered?

Among many other actresses who have struggled with eating disorders are Scarlett Pomers [“Reba”], Felicity Huffman [“Desperate Housewives”], Jane Fonda and possibly Kate Bosworth, according to pictures in the past with her ribs all too visible, and multiple reports of her smoking rather than eating.

Kate Bosworth from TwitterSupposedly she even had to have her size 0 clothes taken in.

Susceptible personalities

Some of the personal qualities that often accompany high ability and creative talent may encourage behavioral problems such as eating disorders.

Beverly Hills Psychologist Jenn Berman works with a number of celeb entertainment clients.

She says in her article Child Performers and Eating Disorders that experts “have found that many of the personality traits which make children great athletes or performers are the very same characteristics which make them more susceptible to eating disorders; the most common being: perfectionism; the desire to please; the ability to ignore pain and exhaustion; obsessiveness and the burning desire to reach their goals.”


In the article Perfectly Skinny, Dr. Michael Strober, director of the Eating Disorders Program at UCLA School of Medicine, says “Perfectionism is present commonly in the backgrounds of persons with anorexia nervosa, suggesting its role as a predisposing personality trait.”

Kate Bosworth has acted in a number of films, but admitted in 2002 that she had “a hundred insecurities and a hundred fears.

“My greatest fear is living up to what I expect of myself… my standards are really high, so my fear is that I’ll fail in my own eyes — rather than in anyone else’s.”

Skinnier equals prettier?

A Star magazine [starmagazine.com] story said, “Kate’s been a perfectionist her whole life,” a source says of the star, a skilled equestrian and straight-A student who deferred her entrance to Princeton.

“Sources say Kate began dwindling in 2003 while playing a drug addict in the drama Wonderland.

“People told her she looked fabulous,” says a source. “That’s probably all she needed to get it into her head that skinnier equals prettier!”

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Photo from twitter.com/katebosworth
Her caption (June 3 2016):  Make sure you vote YES for a more accurate mammo. I did! #TheGeniusChoice #Genius3D #ad http://izea.it/l6tnD

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Hopefully, Bosworth and other talented girls and women can learn to let their natural beauty and talent shine, and not limit themselves with ideas of body image that are destructive, such as too skinny, which at least some men – like me – find unappealing, even anti-sexy.

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