Diane Von Furstenberg and Anne Heche on keeping your integrity

Diane Von Furstenberg

I always wanted to be a grown-up.

According to the website, her DVF brand includes fashion, jewelry, cosmetics and fragrance sold in over 50 countries.

Diane Von Furstenberg admits she “never liked being a child. I always wanted to be a grown-up. I had in mind this sophisticated woman in her early thirties who could somehow handle it all and do everything.”

I’m so glad I’m me.

She says, “Marriage is for some reason not true to who I am.

“The relationship that counts most in my life is the one I have with myself. Sometimes I just talk to myself, and it gets better and better as I get older. [At age 59, she is married to Barry Diller.]

“The other day, I was talking to Barry in the car and I said, I’m so glad I’m me.”

[The New Yorker, quoted in The Week, Oct 13 2006]

Portrait from her book: Diane: A Signature Life

Anne Heche on giving up who you are

Anne HecheIn her memoir Call Me Crazy, Anne Heche writes about one of the disruptive aspects of some relationships:

“I love acting. Part of what happened [with Ellen DeGeneres] is that I stopped being many parts of me.

“This is a pattern in all of my relationships – to gain the trust and love of somebody, I would become what they wanted me to become. [With Ellen] I stopped doing acting roles because I thought, Well, this will prove that I’m worthy of love!”

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