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Arianna Huffington from FacebookCharlie Rose: How do women and men differ in a consideration of fearlessness?

Arianna Huffington: Fear is universal; we all have fear. There are two areas where women have more fear: one is our looks and our bodies, and we invest an enormous amount of time there.

And I think there is an obsession now, which you see in the extent of plastic surgery…

And the other area is speaking out. Women are still terrified of speaking out, and I can understand that.

From book tour interview video on The Charlie Rose Show [posted on The Huffington Post]

Hardwired to fear

Clinical anxiety disorders associated with fear affect more than 20 million Americans. Science has shown that fear is hardwired deep in our lizard brain.

What differentiates us from one another are the situations that activate our individual alarms of danger.

An armed burglar invading our home? A boyfriend not calling? An odd comment from a friend over lunch?

An upcoming wedding toast you’re expected to give? Starting a new job? Having to ask your boss for a raise? Saying good-bye to a bad relationship?

More common for women

Fears – such as fear of snakes, heights, and closed spaces – are not biologically specific to gender, but some do tend to be more prevalent among women than men, including anuptaphobia: fear of staying single; arrhenphobia: fear of men; atelophobia: fear of imperfection; atychiphobia: fear of failure…

cacophobia: fear of ugliness; eremophobia: fear of loneliness; gerascophobia: fear of growing old; glossophobia: fear of public speaking; katagelophobia: fear of ridicule; monophobia: fear of being alone; rhytiphobia: fear of getting wrinkles.

From her book: On Becoming Fearless… in Love, Work, and Life

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