Virginia Woolf – complex and accomplished

Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf (1882–1941) is regarded as one of the foremost literary figures of the twentieth century.. one of the greatest innovators in the English language.

Throughout her life, Woolf was plagued by drastic mood swings. Though these recurring mental breakdowns greatly affected her social functioning, her literary abilities remained intact.

Modern diagnostic techniques have led to a posthumous diagnosis of bipolar disorder, an illness which coloured her work and life, and eventually led to her suicide.

Vara Neverow, president of the International Virginia Woolf Society, says the film “The Hours” [starring Nicole Kidman] inaccurately portrays Woolf as an invalid madwoman.

Both Virginia and her husband Leonard were outspoken socialists and intellectuals, and they had decided that if the Germans invaded their town they would kill themselves rather than be taken prisoner and sent to concentration camps.

When her home began to be threatened by German fighter planes, Virginia ”just couldn’t keep it together,” says Neverow.

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