Rosanna Arquette on overcoming destructive self obsession

Rosanna Arquette

Putting our energies into a creative project can help manage self-limiting obsessions with our appearance or other aspects of ourselves.

Actor Rosanna Arquette confessed to “stressing” about having a “chicken neck” as she approached forty.

But the obsession to look perfect — all the more intense in her profession — no longer consumed her after she reached out to others and produced a film called Searching for Debra Winger, about balancing motherhood and art.

“It set me on my path to stay positive, to connect with other women, my tribe. We have to cut out competition, because we are all on the same path of fearlessness, to be truly who we are, and this is our birthright!

“It’s time we support and love each other in what we want to do in life so we can look at each other and know we are safe. Let’s celebrate each other’s individuality, blessings — and cellulite.”

From article: The Price Isn’t Right – by Arianna Huffington.