Doris Day: insecure about her looks and talents

Not like the movies

Doris DayA biography looks into the shadows and ‘Untold Story’ of Doris Day

On screen, she was America’s smiling, singing darling. But off screen, her husbands weren’t Rock Hudson and her life was no light romp.

A former singer with Les Brown’s band in the 1940s. Day was always portrayed as happily married.. But the real story couldn’t be further from the truth, according to David Kaufman’s expansive new biography, Doris Day: The Untold Story of the Girl Next Door.

Instead it’s a sad story — partially told in the actress’ 1975 autobiography — of a talented woman who was unloved by her father, pushed by an ambitious stage mother, with four failed — and mostly loveless — marriages, who never got what she wanted: simply to have a happy home life.

Unhappy with herself

“What is even sadder to me and what I have learned in the course of researching this book, interviewing people and from quotes from her own autobiography is how insecure she is about her looks and about her talents,” said Kaufman.

“This woman has lived so much of her life unhappy with herself, I think, and yet she brought so much happiness to so many people all around the world,” he added.

From article Shadows of Day, By Susan King, Los Angeles Times.


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But in a taping in front of a college audience for the tv show “VH1 Storytellers”, she responded to a question from a college student, and said:

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